Beautiful, sustainable and low maintenance garden landscaping ideas
Throughout Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.
Beautiful, sustainable and low maintenance garden landscaping ideas
Throughout Wellington and the Kapiti Coast

Create a great looking garden with specific and artistic low maintenance planting

If you want a great looking garden that you are proud of, but which doesn't take all day to maintain, my years of experience as a landscape specialist will ensure you get a beautiful, low-maintenance garden.

It is important that your plants look great, work together and create an environment in which they can grow for years to come. Some plants grow low, some grow tall, and it’s a matter of ensuring they synchronise together. It’s really important to get it right the first time. Whether it's coastal planting or planting for a central city location, specific and precise companion planting creates an ideal environment and will ensure you get a beautiful garden with minimal hassle.
Too often people carelessly place plants in areas where they cannot survive, however, sustainability is the key to your garden. You need to know that the plant life that you have introduced into your landscape will flourish naturally.

I work to create a landscape design and planting plan that works for you and the garden - encouraging plant growth with little maintenance. Whether you are starting from scratch to bring life to bare land, want to tame your section or swap an expanse of lawn for a cute planted garden and seating area, my expertise can help you to re-vegetate your landscape and create the perfect area for you.

Get in touch to arrange a consultation. Based in Wellington I work across the Lower North Island including the Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa.

Arrange a Consultation

Before you go looking for quotes for your private garden or public landscaping or design, organise a consultation. Jacob could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by finding a solution for your garden requirements.

A planting plan for all landscapes from coastal to urban across Wellington

  • Expert planting plans to promote good results
  • Plants are chosen to work together and thrive in your landscape
  • Only the highest quality plants are chosen
Wind Gardens works with clients across Wellington, the Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa

High-quality plants ensure your garden gives you the results you want

Plants are my speciality, and I am familiar with most plant species that grow in New Zealand. I understand what it takes to create a successful garden and can help you get the plants you want and that will grow and thrive in your area.

From my vast range of planting choices, I will choose only the correct plants that will cover the area needed so that they don't get too big and will suit the site. I work to group plants together so that they will naturalise themselves as if they are talking with each other, reducing on-going maintenance by doing things like naturally suppressing weeds.

I hand-pick only the best plants available that will succeed for the desired effect we want. The plants I choose have a 95-100% strike rate, to ensure your garden is a success. So often, the nursery trade doesn't give the correct advice for what the customer needs or wants, ending with plantings in the wrong place, too big too soon or dying, a waste of effort and cost. I can help you avoid this and save you money.