Beautiful, sustainable and low maintenance garden landscaping ideas
Throughout Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.
Beautiful, sustainable and low maintenance garden landscaping ideas
Throughout Wellington and the Kapiti Coast
Beautiful Landscape Designs 

An artistic approach to landscape design that suits your tastes and your section

Beautiful gardens are places created for your enjoyment and relaxation. By approaching your garden artistically and within the constraints of nature, you can be sure you will find satisfaction in your new landscape.

During an on-site consultation, I look at all aspects of the site, such as the views, water movement, the soiI condition, weeds and plant competition. As an experienced landscape specialist, I'll take into account the positive aspects and highlight potential problems and how we can nip them in the bud before they get out of hand. All these aspects are recorded on the site survey first of all and can then be measured to a scaled plan. While on site, I can do hand-drawn sketches to bring your ideas to life. They can be drawn up in more detail later for consent purposes. A consultation usually takes around an hour and a half excluding travel.

Self-sustaining, practical, low-maintenance landscaping from cute cottage gardens to sweeping spaces

It doesn't need to take all your spare time to create a garden that looks great! With specific planting and landscaping, you can create an imaginative garden that is self-sustaining and needs minimal maintenance.

My designs and garden ideas are realistic and provide solutions for your outdoor problems. I work to create a garden that looks great by using the right plants in the right places. I choose plants that you like but that will also thrive in your garden.  I will only source the best of what is available to bring you a rewarding and successful result.

Arrange a Consultation

Before you go looking for quotes for your private garden or public landscaping or design, organise a consultation. Jacob could save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by finding a solution for your garden requirements.

Expert landscape design for gardens across Wellington and the Kapiti Coast

  • Tailored garden designs to suit your desires and location
  • Everything from cottage gardens to large-scale landscapes
  • Landscaping for erosion control and other practical uses
Wind Gardens works with clients across Wellington, the Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa

Create a garden that works with the elements including landscaping for erosion control and wind deflection

planting plan wellington
With specific landscaping designs and planting ideas, you can create a micro-climate for your garden that works with the wind and other elements rather than against them! I can provide a solution that gives you a garden that you'll love.
garden design wellington
The effect of wind on your garden is huge and directly restricts plant growth, erodes soil and shapes and dries your plants. How can we reduce wind in the garden?
landscaping wellington
You can reduce wind by cluster planting and using plants that will deflect the wind. I can advise on the correct plant compilation for erosion control, low maintenance and maximum effect for a practical, realistic result based on their location, drainage, sun angles, and plant harmony. It’s important not to cluster plants that grow too tall and create chaos and block the view. I specialise in preventing and eliminating future maintenance problems and can help you to find a practical and affordable solution for any sized area and provide professional build and project management services!

Cost-effective garden design

Your landscape or garden makeover doesn't need to cost a fortune. 

Costs are usually on an hourly rate, or an agreed cost and do vary depending on how far I need to travel. But I work to a budget that you are comfortable with. We will discuss it together at the time of consultation. 

It usually takes one or two weeks to get organised so that we, as a small workforce, can pick a good day to do the work quickly, saving on time and costs and staying tidy without mess or delay.